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Melinated Mindfulness

BIPOC only Healing & Resilience Tools through Simple Stretching Exercises & Mindfulness Breathing


Melinated Mindfulness is a body-based practice designed to reduce, and eliminate, symptoms connected with stressful and traumatic experiences. This practice is BIPOC only because we deserve a space and place that is for us and by us. And, BIPOC communities deserve to thrive! For too many of us, the demands of social, political, economic, local, and global issues limit our lives to surviving. To thrive, we need tools to help us understand and navigate the myriad of harms we experience, based on our intersecting identities (e.g., race, gender, culture (e.g., language and religion), social class, sexuality). Particularly, we need tools to help us recognize and release how and where we hold stress in our minds and bodies.


Melinated Mindfulness provides healing tools through simple stretching exercises and mindfulness breathing.  In this class, you will learn how to breathe and move through feelings and sensations that are triggered by stressful and traumatic memories. The goal of this class is to help you tolerate bodily sensations, practice awareness, stay present, self-regulate using breath and movement, experience your body as a safe place, and provide a foundation for you to begin to process your experiences using language.


The challenges we can face during and after stressful and traumatic events include:

  1. tolerating feelings and sensations;

  2. making sense of feelings, sensations, and behaviors;

  3. forming a full narrative of our experiences; and,

  4. relegating memories connected to the stressful or traumatic event to our past.


For many, triggers can cause us to re-experience stressful and traumatic events disrupting our ability to meet our daily needs and perform basic tasks. Please join us for some Somatic Integration and find new ways to deal with distress and become more resilient! *

Yoga Mat and Straps

**While this class is therapeutic in nature, it is not meant to be a substitute for a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. If you are in need of verbally processing your experiences, please visit: or call 635 Community Health Collective to find a provider in your area.  **

If you are interested in learning more, please click on the button below.

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