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Our mission is to support historically underserved communities by facilitating access to high quality behavioral and physical healthcare by providing direct mental health services and by consulting and partnering with organizations focused on health access, rights, and justice.

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We envision a world where individuals, families, and communities receive equitable health access, rights, and justice; and that high quality behavioral and physical health care services (i.e., prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation) are available to all.

Tropical Leaves


Our purpose is to increase historically underserved communities’ access to high quality out-patient psychotherapy, consulting services, and mindfulness practices by providing direct services at market rate, for a reduced fee, and at times for free. We also seek to consult and partner with local, national, and international organizations focused on health access, rights, and justice.

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What We Offer

635 offers evidence-based psychotherapy and mindfulness practices to support individuals and communities in their healing journeys. We also offer consulting services to support organizations and communities in assessing and finding solutions to pressing issues. 635 seeks to partner with other BIPOC healthcare providers (e.g., doulas, yogis , midwives, massage therapists, other therapists) to be thought partners and develop a well-rounded network of care providers. Contact 635 to partner and grow!

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